What are the main tips for choosing a mattress?

You should always call the online store and consult with professionals. A mattress is a specific product, and if a person has never encountered it, one can get into an unpleasant situation. Not all information on the Internet can be trusted, as well as articles and reviews. You do not need to hurry up with the purchase, if there is a possibility, it is better, of course, to lie down on the mattress before buying. Through the Internet, the stiffness of the mattress is not always clear: if you take the time to lie down, it will immediately become comfortable or not.

What are the most common mistakes when choosing a mattress or when using it?

The most common mistake is incorrect information. (Especially from the Internet) Often there is a negative attitude towards coconut meat, the myth that it is harmful and substandard, in fact, coconut coir is different! It all depends on the manufacturer (we have an article on our website about this). But in our mattresses high-quality latex coir of high density: has a high wear resistance, does not crunch, and does not crumble with time. In our mattress, the coir or latex is covered with insulating material.

It is necessary to carefully consider the dimensions, there is a standard size range, but it is never superfluous to measure the sleeper.

Do not forget to turn the mattress! At weight less than 60-70 kg it is necessary to do it every 4-5 months, more than 70 – it is desirable to turn every 3-4 months.

For more information about mattresses visit: https://www.bestmattress-brand.org/the-honest-truth-about-mattress-stores/.

There are many tips to help you choose the right mattress so that you do not regret buying. It should be noted that the representative of the factory reacted with great respect and responsiveness to our initiative, which means that if you have non-standard questions about their products, they will be happy to help you understand the difficult situation.